pgAdmin 4 6.130 Crack + License Key Free Download

pgAdmin 4 6.130 Crack + License Key Free Download

pgAdmin 4 6.130 Crack is the most popular and feature-rich Open Source administration and development platform for PostgreSQL, the most advanced Open Source database in the world.

pgAdmin 4 6.130 Crack is a management tool for PostgreSQL and derivative relational databases such as EnterpriseDB’s EDB Advanced Server. It may be run either as a web or desktop application.

Working with various databases and servers require you to have a well organized environment to get a better experience when developing and creating new tables, populating them and connecting them to your applications in order to retrieve data into your forms.

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Being designed for PostgreSQL, pgAdmin 4 6.130 Crack is a reliable and comprehensive database design and management that allows you to connect to specific databases, create tables and run various SQL statements from simple to complex.

Because it is intended to answer the needs of all users, pgAdmin 4 6.130 Crack enables you to perform various actions starting from running simple SQL queries and ending with developing complex databases. The main interface is similar to PostgreSQL and provides you with useful features including syntax highlighting, SQL editor and a server-side code editor.

The left side of the application displays a tree with all servers and the objects that each database contains such as tables, triggers, templates, dictionaries and functions. The upper right side displays information about each selected object such as default schema, character type, owner and name.

The lower right side contains a reverse engineered SQL script that enables you to view the SQL query for the current table or object. Finally, the status line allows you to view status information, as well as the time when the last action was performed.

pgAdmin 4 6.130 Crack With Keygen

What’s more, pgAdmin 4 6.130 Crack provides you with a Graphical Query Builder (GQB) option that enables you to build SQL queries visually and execute them or simply save them to a TXT file.

Another feature worth mentioning is ‘Query Tool Macros’ that allows you to execute pre-defined SQL queries with single key press.

Also, by using pgAdmin 4 6.130 Crack you are able to debug pl or pgsql functions, stored procedures and packages, as well as EDB-SPL functions getting accurate results within seconds.

The usage of the application is quite simple and does not require you any advanced configurations before using pgAdmin. Simply specify the hostname and the port number you want to connect to and start adding your own SQL scripts.

All things considered, pgAdmin 4 6.130 Crack is a reliable and practical application that provides you with embedded instructions and with useful options that help you manage as many databases as you want, set up SQL triggers and execute SQL scripts.

Key Features:

  • Desktop mode, using a purpose-built runtime
  • Server mode, supporting multiple users over the web
  • Powerful query tool with color syntax highlighting
  • Fast datagrid for display/entry of data
  • Graphical query plan display
  • Grant Wizard for rapid updates to ACLs
  • Procedural language debugger (supporting pl/pgsql and edb-spl)
  • Auto-vacuum management
  • Monitoring dashboard
  • Backup, restore, vacuum and analyze on-demand
  • SQL/shell/batch job scheduling agent
  • Create, view and edit all common PostgreSQL objects
  • Designed for multiple PostgreSQL versions and derivatives

How to Install?

  1.  Open your browser. …
  2.  Check options. …
  3.  Select PostgreSQL version.
  4.  Open exe file. …
  5.  Update location.
  6.  Select components.
  7. Check data location.
  8.  Enter password.


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